​Capella Therapeutics is a San Diego based cancer drug company that is seeking $25-30 million to fund clinical trials of its lung cancer drug candidate, LL-191, which treats resistant cancers caused by Exon 20 insertions and rare mutations of EGFR, for which there are no treatments yet approved.  Efficacy vs. a common EGFR exon 20 insertion mutation was better than agents currently in early clinical trials, and with a much better safety profile.  LL-191 also led to tumor remission and survival outcomes in EGFR primary activating nutation (L858R & exon19 del) and primary resistant mutation  (T790M) in lung & metastases in the brain and bone in multiple mouse models.  This agent also can treat other non-EGFR mutations such as HER2 overexpression & mutations, and (partially treat) YES1 overexpression & RET fusion and mutations.